Food Innovation: flavors, shapes and sensations!

Tomorrow starts Anuga 2021, but before it starts, I’ll continuing with the summary of Anuga 2019. In this post, I’ll bring you some of the flavors, textures, and shapes that called attention in 2019. Keep following me on social media to check what is coming next at Anuga 2021 LIVE!

The first excellent idea that I would like to show you is this SPARKLING COFFEE. This definitely changes the way you know coffee and the way you consume coffee. The sensation the bubbles bring to it is new and hard to describe. It’s not just carbonated but also mixed with fruits. It’s made to drink cold. No, it has nothing to do with soft drinks! They described this beverage as a refreshment – perfect carbonation is the key, energy – cold brew coffee is the secret, and fun – fruity flavors are the essence. But sadly, I’m not finding it on the market to sell anymore……SO not sure about the success of such an innovation.

Next is about FLAVOR. Have you ever thought about drinking BASIL? I guess no.

I’ve tasted this refreshing sparkling basil beverage, I can tell you, it’s truly refreshing and not at all weird to drink it. Instead, it brings you a fresh sensation with notes of lemon. It’s just the perfect touch because the flavor is not too strong. This beverage is still on the market and you can find more info on the website:

In the next photo, it’s not a chip but a bread chip. Yes, Breadsticks in the shape of chips. They launched it in 2 flavors cheese and bacon. It’s not grissini or mini bruschetta, so I like the idea of putting it as a snack but also an excellent combination to be served with wine and beer.

Cheese with a cocktail inside?

For sure, this is crazy!!!!! Yes, on the dairy side, 2019 was incredibly surprising for the cheese category. I saw cheese with flowers, with many flavor combinations (sweet, spicy, salty), BLACK cheese (by the way, the taste was not good at all). Chèvres in Europe is the best in the world (of course it’s created here), and they combine it with pieces of fruits and nuts, but the alcoholic drink was totally different from any other. Outside its original chèvre and inside it’s the cocktail in a more tick texture.

So, let me know your opinion about all these innovations showed in 2019. Do you think this year Anuga 2021 will present similar ideas or totally different?

We will find out together this weekend!

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